My Major Accidents


The earliest known accident - When I was four I tripped while running with a pair of scissors in my hand in the living room where the family was watching The Secret of Nimh. When I fell my front teeth landed on the corner of the piano bench and knocked them back into my head. The scissors did not damage me.

The next accident that I can recall was in third grade. I was playing at recess with some people and I jumped/fell off of a slide. I broke my right arm and had a cast.

Around that same time period I was playing at my friend Justin's house. When jumping over a creek I slipped and cut my knee open on a rusty metal support for a wall. I think I had to go get a tetanus shot.

A couple of years later I was getting into a Blaizer after a soccer game. I slipped getting in and cut the other knee open on the track that the front seat slides on. I had to get stitches at the local MEC.

In seventh grade I was crossing the road to go to baseball practice. I ran out in front of my sister's car because she was late for work and I didn't want to keep her. Another car pulled around her car, and struck me in my left leg going 40 miles per hour. I flew up over the car and landed on my head in the road. After going to the hospital, I was released with a concussion.

In tenth grade I moved to Brown County and got interested in bike stunts. I was attempting to go off of a ramp that I made, and had been off of many times before. This time, though my foot slipped off the petal at the top of the ramp, and when I landed, my right clavicle hit the handlebar and broke. It was two days before I got it x-rayed, but even then I refused to wear the support that they gave me.

Some time after this I was attempting to climb a cliff in my woods with a primitive tool I made out of boards and nails. One of the boards broke loose, exposing the nail. Then, the tool fell down from above me and the nail poked a small hole in my head. It healed quickly, but made for a great picture which I will upload later.

During my senior year of high school I was a member of the Spelunking Club. During one of the outings, we were exploring Langdon's Cave near Tell City. I slipped in one of the lower parts of the cave and fell/slid 30 feet into a pit. Upon landing I scraped up my back and hit my head fairly hard. I was unable to climb out of the pit, so search and rescue had to come get me out of the cave. I didn't go to a doctor, but probably had a mild concussion.

The worst accident I have ever had happened a few days after I graduated high school. I went waterskiing at my friend Chrissie's house for the first time. The ski's were too loose on my feet, so I tightened them so tight that my feet hurt and decided to give it one last try. When I fell, the right ski caught on the water, but didn't break off, so it twisted my right leg around and caused my femur to spiral fracture into 8 pieces. After the surgery and having a metal rod implanted in my leg, it was 3 months before I could walk again...not exactly the best way to spend the summer of my graduation.

My most recent accident took place in the hallway of the dorm I used to live in. I was wrestling with a guy that lived down the hall for fun, and he picked me up and dropped me on the ground. After hitting my forehead on the carpet, he landed on my head and rubbed it down. I went to the health center and it was determined that once again I had a concussion.