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Since learning to play guitar as a freshman in high school, I have always loved writing songs. I view music as the portal for modern poetry...poetry isn't as popular as it once was, unless it is accompanied by music. So, essentially, many of these songs are my poems in musical form.  Below are the track listings for the albums, and sound clips for a select few. (Note: Some of the clips may be poor sound quality) Left click to stream, right click and "Save (Link/Target) As..." to save.




Note: Contains recordings dating back to 1998



1. Jackass

2. A Tribute to Love

3. Landslide

4. She's my Nay

5. Renee's Song

6. Things Will Get Better

7. Juniper

8. Discovery

9. Jackass (reprise)

10. Goodbye

11. Looking Around

12. Life is Great

13. Blue Skies


14. The Breakup Song

15. Untitled, as of yet

16. Jessica (Life Sucks)

17. Thailand

18. Why

19. A Capella

20. Jammin'

21. Maybe You're the One

22. A Night Like This

23. Sliding into my Mind

24. Jackass (Acoustic)

25. The End





1. Insomnia

2. Ditty in the Dark

3. Masked

4. Camus

5. The Vegan Song

6. I'm Sorry

7. BCHS (Farmer Joe)

8. Tropico Fun

9. Dreams of Love

10. Running

11. Destruction of an Artist's Mind

12. My Savior

13. Youth Group

14. The Cab Song

15. Why I Play Guitar

16. Up North


17. Farther North

18. Insanity

19. I'm a Spy!

20. Time

21. The Parasite

22. Punk Rock

23. Erin and Doug (Vegans)

24. Frustrations

25. Nashville

26. Beliefs

27. Inspiration for Living

28. No Friends

29. Welcome to Darkness

30. Ghost Town

31. Hey, Zeus!



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1. Asshole (Beck)

2. Blackbird (The Beatles)

3. Breakfast at Tiffany's (Deep Blue Something)

4. Brown Eyed Girl (Morrison)

5. Dead of Winter (The Eels)

6. Don't Push (Sublime)

7. Epistle to Dippy (Donovan)

8. Every Day is a Winding Road (Crow)

9. Feather in your Cap (Beck)

10. Flower (The Eels)

11. For What it's Worth (Springfield)

12. With my Head (Beck)

13. Hurdy, but not Gurdy

14. Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan)


15. I've Just Seen a Face (The Beatles)

16. Jackass (Beck)

17. Last Stop : This Town (The Eels)

18. Me and Julio (Simon)

19. Mellow Yellow (Donovan)

20. One (U2)

21. Pay No Mind (Beck)

22. Pennyroyal Tea (Nirvana)

23. Puttin' It Down (Beck)

24. STP (Sublime)

25. Suzanne (Cohen)

26. What I Got (Sublime)

27. You Don't Know How it Feels (Petty)

28. Bin Dexy






1. Henry VIII (Herman's Hermits)

2. Freedom

3. The Law

4. Ginsing

5. Inspiration

6. Triumph

7. How Long Will You Rock?

8. Badfish (Sublime)

9. Reality

10. Kickin' Coins

11. The Night

12. Our Own Arrogence (Sublime)

13. Feelin' It


14. Can't Help Falling (Presley)

15. The Beginning

16. Frying Pan

17. Obby

18. Hold on to Regrets

19. Untitled Forever

20. Running Revisited

21. Dust

22. The Ballad of Hope

23. A Song for Love

24. Dream

25. Rain or Snow






1. Forgetting the Tragedy

2. KiBr

3. Comin' Back Home

4. Discontent

5. Everybody's Blue

6. All Messed Up

7. Freestyle

8. Into the Depths

9. Dying in your Silence

10. Agent of Fear

11. Tribal

12. Nearer

13. LGF


14. In Memphis

15. Yogurt on the Mind

16. The Storyteller

17. All Messed Up (Reprise)

18. The Wait

19. Poverty was Sung

20. Nearer (Reprise)

21. Hindi Trance

22. Low Energy

23. Late October

24. The Ballad of Billy

25. Run Away

26. I'm Ready.






1. Welcome to the Now

2. Gravestone

3. It's There You Are

4. This Mistake

5. The Shadow of Today

6. Ancestors

7. I Should Suppose

8. Mind Control

9. A Dante

10. Evil Gold Dinner

11. Shiny Happy Children

12. Revisited

13. Aloud

14. Aloof


15. Self Evident

16. Astronomy Song

17. Poor Artist

18. Bton

19. Groove

20. Limited Shelf Life

21. Gentle

22. A Work in Progress

23. Ireland

24. Just Like Heaven (The Cure)

25. Save Tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry)

26. It's All Over Now (Dylan)

27. Hallelujah (Cohen)

28. Bob's Train


Recent Work

I haven't done much recording for a couple years now, as is evident by the dates on the albums below. However, I have started recording again, and expect to have a new album by summer 2007. Here is one of the first tracks from the album, in an incomplete form. This is just a demo version, the album will have a reworked version.

Season Change demo

I recently signed up for, where independent musicians and filmmakers, as well as more professional musicians and filmmakers can buy and sell licensing for their works without record companies being involved. I saw an opportunity for a non-alcoholic beverage commercial. I figured that for $30,000 I was stupid not to make a 30 second recording. Here are the details.

Opportunity Details

Description: * Lyrics: Friends, having a good time, enjoying the day, getting along, you & me, etc..... * Feel: current, young, upbeat, fun, joyous, bubbly * Style: indie pop and rock pop * should be uptempo * male or female vocals
Price: $30000.00
Usage: Usage: TV and Radio Advertising
Music Length: 30 Sec
License duration: A year

I ended up writing a couple verses and using the licensing company name for the chorus. Here is the extended version for your viewing pleasure. Pardon the imperfections and generic lyrics.




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