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The day after I made "The Face of God?", I was still on a film obsession. I filmed some random footage earlier that day but couldn't figure out what to make it. Then I had the idea to make a music video for a very strange sound clip on Beck's little known album Stereopathetic Soulmanure. It was filmed and edited and finished in less than an hour. Enjoy. 11.13.03


The last video reminded me of just how fun making movies was, so I went out to my parents house and made this video on my day off. It stars Trad as "Scott". This part two of the trilogy of Beck's Stereopathetic clips, part three will come someday. 7.17.04


At last, I have finished the trilogy of beck audio clips, thanks to the help of several people. What will my next movie series be? 3.15.05

A Day in the Life

I have gotten tired of making music, so now whenever boredom ensues, I make movies. This film was improv, so it is a little stupid, but it kept me occupied for well over three hours, so it was worth it. Enjoy. 7.19.04

Air Eye

To everyone who has ever thought that my head is hollow, you were right. Here is a movie to prove it. 3.15.05

Air Eye II

I had a lot of disbelievers after AirEye, so I made a 2nd for all of the skeptics. 10.01.06

Baby Echo

Alright, we were just doing a little weird recording, and it turned out alright. The strange part is that there is an unknown and unexplainable background noise. Make sure you don't listen to what she is doing, but rather listen to the background.If you listen after she finishes making the first noise, you can hear it quietly. It sounds like an echoing cat meow or the sound that a whale would make. It can also be heard during the baby crying sounds, and when she imitates a cat meow it almost seems to mock her meow. Listen very closely and you should be able to hear it. The background noise is on the actual tape itself when I play it through my camera, so it isn't something that was created when I transferred the video to the computer. Also, soon after we recorded it and noticed the sound we recorded again but the sound wasn't there, which means that it isn't a flaw in the camera or with the tape. Nobody else was in my apartment at the time of this filming...and the sound happens way too frequently for it to be something outside like a bus driving by. Also, it happens while she is making sounds and when she is breathing, proving that Lyndsy didn't make the sounds. There was something strange in the background whenever we recorded this video, and I can't explain it... 1.11.05


So I have been fed up with school and stress and such, and what better thing to do than to make a movie...with only a little bit of bloodshed. 3.2.05

Because I Am Always Talking

My father recites a passage with some filter testing. 3.09.08

The Blasphemy Challenge

I found an internet site that offered to give a free DVD that seemed philosophically interesting to me. The only catch was that I had to upload a video of myself  denying the holy spirit. Guess what I chose?


Leftover footage and random clips from my early days of filming, compiled for a limited edition DVD.

The Brit

A persona of my friend Levi, testing out new filters. 3.20.08


My parents become victim to my filter experimentation in their film duet debut. 3.10.08

The Chase

Here is a humorous piece filmed by chance in Evansville. I was down there visiting Samantha and Trad, and we were stuck at a railroad crossing. Suddenly, a guy swerves around us and over the railroad before the arms raise...then begins the chase. *contains adult language* Thanks to Tim for the research. 5.31.04

Chimney Tops

My good friend Katie gives a perspective concerning Man and his impact on the world in the Great Smoky Mountains. 01.10.08

The Crematory

My sister took me to an abandoned crematory in Louisville a year ago, and since then I have wanted to go back and make a movie...So finally, this winter break, Trad and I headed down there. My friend Chrissie called me on the way and ended up meeting us and joining the journey. Enjoy. 1.4.05


My friend Wes and I explore a large storm drainage underneath the parking lot of the stadium one night.6.01.06

Dark Woods

A compilation of clips from our woods, our basement, and Trixieton, Ohio. 01.20.08


Out of the depths of my subconscious came the idea for a horror flick...its a little strange, freaky, spooky, but it was a lot of fun to make. Don't worry, this isn't how I feel, I am really a happy person, but I thought that this is an interesting way to portray the fears that I do at times have. Enjoy.  2.1.04

The Face of God?

My first film, entitled "The Face of God?", includes a musical piece by Bach and some crazy camera work. It is strange, crude, and potentially offensive to those who are religious. Download at your own risk. 11.11.03


This movie is not meant to entertain. It is just a bunch of shaky footage of me on top of Flattop Mountain and at the Royal Gorge in Colorado with some emo overdubbed...but that's all I wanted it to be. Flattop Mountain was a milestone in my life for several reasons. You can read about this on my summits page - Summits ...but yeah. All and all, I know this is poorly edited and bad footage, but it is more for me than it is for you guys, so enjoy if you will, or don't if you wont. Thanks for Poppy for helping me host the movie.  9.1.04

Fun With Water

My father volunteers to have water balloons dangling over his head popped by a BB gun. Even my mother takes a shot. 10-01-05


A great story about Doug Hofstadter of Godel Esher Bach fame. 3.26.08


IUGFS visits Glacier National Park. Don't let the preview deceive you.


This movie was sort of  inspired by a lot of different things, but it also just looks cool. Anyway, here it is, in its glory...took about 4 hours to make. 12-16-04


Would you eat the apple out of a pig carcasses mouth for 5 dollars?


Filmed in Montana and Indiana, I display my compulsions to jump on occasion. 9.01.06


I had this idea for a quick flick and made it happen...this one is all of 8 seconds, so enjoy. 1.5.05

Leaving Yellowstone

Fault scarps,Tetons, and driving to camp for the first time.


I have recently figured out how to channel my energy and levitate, and have decided to put a video of myself doing this for those who are skeptical. I am not as talented as David Blaine yet, nor do I think I will ever be, but at least I can levitate. Forgive the quality of the video, I filmed it by propping the camera on my counter. Enjoy. 11.13.03


My seventh film is quite different from the others. It is basically my outlook on life described through a different character. It features my friend Staci on narration and acting, and was filmed at the Greene County Viaduct, the Falls on the Ohio, the Nada Tunnel at Red River Gorge, and in my apartment. It isn't funny or freaky like my other movies, but it is a fair description of how I feel about the world. 4.30.04


I came up with this really stupid idea one day and shot some footage for it...eventually I got around to editing the movie, but I really didn't have enough footage to make a good movie, so I just kind of added some random footage at the end. Its odd, but putting the movie up here is better than erasing the potentially priceless footage. enjoy. 9.25.04

Lyrical II

Prompted by a friend to make a sequel to the first, and eager to make a film to kick the summer off, I decided to make a second lyrical. A third will probably come some day too. 5.13.05 (Friday the 13th)

Lyrical III

Using leftover footage from Lyrical II, including Igity's film debut. 12.4.07


This movie has been in the making for quite some time. I started filming, and then lost hope and interest for the movie. Later, I got re-inspired, and made the rest of the shots between working and getting ready for school. Stars myself, Staci Teter, and premiering Andrew Krull. Enjoy. 8.25.04

Michelle Alt. Ending

Just because the first ending was so bittersweet.


This ninth video has been a work in progress for quite some time. One of the scenes has been ready for a couple of months, but not until I went to visit Staci did I acquire the other footage I needed to finish it. It was filmed at Kingsbury Ordinance Plant, Mt. Baldy, Salem Church, my apartment, and Cascades Falls. Thanks to Trad for helping me find the audio track. 7.13.04

Mt. Doherty

Mt. Doherty field area and attack of the shadow.


Since I saw this guy driving past Woodlawn field earlier in the year, he has always humored me. He drives a red convertible with a big car cell phone and a license plate that says "NUNN"...what a pimp. 12.04.04


My friend Trad and I went hiking over Thanksgiving Break to some abandoned trailers and campers way back in my woods that we knew of. We brought the video camera to capture some interesting footage...little did we know that we would make a frightening discovery. All of the footage in this film is real, filmed on location in the hillbilly woods of Brown County. Note - *contains adult language and graphic footage.* Not for those who have weak stomachs. Enjoy! 12.5.03

Organs, Revisited

The Organs video was a large success, but it left so many questions unanswered. Therefore, we had to go back and get more footage. This time Trad and I brought along our good friend Alex to be a witness. The truth behind the cloudy water is finally exposed, with some shocking results. Click Organs, Revisited to see what lies in the depths of the cooler of death. *contains graphic footage* 1.3.04

Organs Destroyed

This movie has been meant to be made since organs first came out...I just finally got around to it. It is more like a documentary, and its nearly 18 minutes long, so if you are on a slow connection queue it up to download overnight. Thanks to Julie for hosting this monster of a file. Enjoy. 12.29.04

Organs Complete

Just when I was sure that the footage was lost forever, it turned up. Here is the last remaining footage of the organs trailer along with two other trailers that we visited that day for your viewing enjoyment. This just gives you an insight into what life was like for the people who owned the organs cooler. Thanks to Andy for hosting. Enjoy. 1.19.05


A little republican debate remix featuring the two in the title. 2.10.08


Sometime in mid September Trad and I ordered pizza from Austin Rileys. I bet him that in a month it wouldn't be moldy. Six months later, the pizza was still in my refrigerator, and still not moldy, so holding up his end of the bet, he attempted to eat a bite. The rest is video history. 1.31.05

Playing with Knives

It is the weekend and instead of studying for my exam tomorrow I decided to make a movie to show off my new braids. 3.27.05

Playing with Matches

Well, to reward myself for making it through a day with two exams and a seven hour lab, I made a movie rather than studying. This is the product of my fatigued mind. 12-03-04

Pool Runnings

This one took a few tries to get right. 10.01.07


Yes, Spring Break is here, and what better way to spend my time than to make another movie... 3.16.05

Road to Glacier

Our road trip to Glacier, including a mapping stop.


Attack and destruction of a snow fortress; downhill skiing and snowboarding with a couple falls. 3.13.08


Statue Form

I actually received a request for another "statue" a few days ago, and whenever I woke up this morning, I had a song stuck in my head that gave me an idea for the movie, so here is what my brain gave birth to over a two hour period of time. Enjoy. 10.16.04


Lucky number thirteen was filmed on two different days, but every shot was done at my parents house. Includes acting by Trad, my father, and me, with filming and help from Victoria Winfree and my mother. This movie is basically just what the title says, five minutes worth of stupidity...but its fun and that's all that matters. 8-28-04


On the drive back to Indiana, we have a vehicle break down near Sturgis, South Dakota...In the middle of the biker rally.


I have had this footage for awhile, and finally got around to turning it into a movie. This isn't complete, and it probably never will be, I just wanted to mess around with effects a little and make a nice short. Starring Lyndsy Eckstein. 12.7.04

Twisted Words

I have had this footage of my friend Ashley telling a story for quite awhile, and I decided to see if I could completely alter the meaning of the story just by editing it. This is the outcome. 3.15.05


Buffalos, Old Faithful, Sulfur, and more.