Comedic Films

Any film where I attempt to make you laugh.

 The Chase




Here is a humorous piece filmed by chance in Evansville. I was down there visiting Samantha and Trad, and we were stuck at a railroad crossing. Suddenly, a guy swerves around us and over the railroad before the arms raise...then begins the chase. *contains adult language* Thanks to Tim for the research. 5.31.04

Lucky number thirteen was filmed on two different days, but every shot was done at my parents house. Includes acting by Trad, my father, and me, with filming and help from Victoria Winfree and my mother. This movie is basically just what the title says, five minutes worth of stupidity...but its fun and that's all that matters. 8-28-04






Since I saw this guy driving past Woodlawn field earlier in the year, he has always humored me. He drives a red convertible with a big car cell phone and a license plate that says "NUNN"...what a pimp. 12.04.04

I had this idea for a quick flick and made it happen...this one is all of 8 seconds, so enjoy. 1.5.05


Austin Riley's Royal Pizza Works


Twisted Words


Sometime in mid September Trad and I ordered pizza from Austin Rileys. I bet him that in a month it wouldn't be moldy. Six months later, the pizza was still in my refrigerator, and still not moldy, so holding up his end of the bet, he attempted to eat a bite. The rest is video history. 1.31.05

I have had this footage of my friend Ashley telling a story for quite awhile, and I decided to see if I could completely alter the meaning of the story just by editing it. This is the outcome. 3.15.05




Lyrical II


I came up with this really stupid idea one day and shot some footage for it...eventually I got around to editing the movie, but I really didn't have enough footage to make a good movie, so I just kind of added some random footage at the end. Its odd, but putting the movie up here is better than erasing the potentially priceless footage. enjoy. 9.25.04


Prompted by a friend to make a sequel to the first, and eager to make a film to kick the summer off, I decided to make a second lyrical. A third will probably come some day too. 5.13.05 (Friday the 13th)


Lyrical III




Using leftover footage from Lyrical II, including Igity's film debut. 12.4.07



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