Dramatic Films

Any of my films which are dramatic or inspirational.





My seventh film is quite different from the others. It is basically my outlook on life described through a different character. It features my friend Staci on narration and acting, and was filmed at the Greene County Viaduct, the Falls on the Ohio, the Nada Tunnel at Red River Gorge, and in my apartment. It isn't funny or freaky like my other movies, but it is a fair description of how I feel about the world. 4.30.04

This movie is not meant to entertain. It is just a bunch of shaky footage of me on top of Flattop Mountain and at the Royal Gorge in Colorado with some emo overdubbed...but that's all I wanted it to be. Flattop Mountain was a milestone in my life for several reasons. You can read about this on my summits page - Summits ...but yeah. All and all, I know this is poorly edited and bad footage, but it is more for me than it is for you guys, so enjoy if you will, or don't if you wont. Thanks for Poppy for helping me host the movie.  9.1.04



Michelle Alternate Comedic Ending


This movie has been in the making for quite some time. I started filming, and then lost hope and interest for the movie. Later, I got re-inspired, and made the rest of the shots between working and getting ready for school. Stars myself, Staci Teter, and premiering Andrew Krull. Enjoy. 8.25.04

Just because the first ending was so bittersweet.


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