Horror Films

Any film which is meant to be somewhat creepy.





Out of the depths of my subconscious came the idea for a horror flick...its a little strange, freaky, spooky, but it was a lot of fun to make. Don't worry, this isn't how I feel, I am really a happy person, but I thought that this is an interesting way to portray the fears that I do at times have. Enjoy.  2.1.04

This ninth video has been a work in progress for quite some time. One of the scenes has been ready for a couple of months, but not until I went to visit Staci did I acquire the other footage I needed to finish it. It was filmed at Kingsbury Ordinance Plant, Mt. Baldy, Salem Church, my apartment, and Cascades Falls. Thanks to Trad for helping me find the audio track. 7.13.04



The Crematory


I have had this footage for awhile, and finally got around to turning it into a movie. This isn't complete, and it probably never will be, I just wanted to mess around with effects a little and make a nice short. Starring Lyndsy Eckstein. 12.7.04

My sister took me to an abandoned crematory in Louisville a year ago, and since then I have wanted to go back and make a movie...So finally, this winter break, Trad and I headed down there. My friend Chrissie called me on the way and ended up meeting us and joining the journey. Enjoy. 1.4.05

Baby Echo



Alright, we were just doing a little weird recording, and it turned out alright. The strange part is that there is an unknown and unexplainable background noise. Make sure you don't listen to what she is doing, but rather listen to the background.If you listen after she finishes making the first noise, you can hear it quietly. It sounds like an echoing cat meow or the sound that a whale would make. It can also be heard during the baby crying sounds, and when she imitates a cat meow it almost seems to mock her meow. Listen very closely and you should be able to hear it. The background noise is on the actual tape itself when I play it through my camera, so it isn't something that was created when I transferred the video to the computer. Also, soon after we recorded it and noticed the sound we recorded again but the sound wasn't there, which means that it isn't a flaw in the camera or with the tape. Nobody else was in my apartment at the time of this filming...and the sound happens way too frequently for it to be something outside like a bus driving by. Also, it happens while she is making sounds and when she is breathing, proving that Lyndsy didn't make the sounds. There was something strange in the background whenever we recorded this video, and I can't explain it... 1.11.05


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