Other Films

Any film that is too weird to fit into the generic categories on the main page.



Fun with Water



This movie was sort of  inspired by a lot of different things, but it also just looks cool. Anyway, here it is, in its glory...took about 4 hours to make. 12-16-04

My father volunteers to have water balloons dangling over his head popped by a BB gun. Even my mother takes a shot. 10-01-05








Leftover footage and random clips from my early days of filming, compiled for a limited edition DVD.

My friend Wes and I explore a large storm drainage underneath the parking lot of the stadium one night.6.01.06


Pool Runnings


The Blasphemy Challenge




This one took a few tries to get right. 10.01.07

I found an internet site that offered to give a free DVD that seemed philosophically interesting to me. The only catch was that I had to upload a video of myself  denying the holy spirit. Guess what I chose?


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