Recent Works

In reverse chronological order, movies made after my Hi8 video camera died (2007).

 (Taken with a Canon PowerShot SD1000)

The Brit


A persona of my friend Levi, testing out new filters. 3.20.08


A great story about Doug Hofstadter of Godel Esher Bach fame. 3.26.08




Because I Am Always Talking



My parents become victim to my filter experimentation in their film duet debut. 3.10.08

My father recites a passage with some filter testing. 3.09.08


Ron-Sean Paul




A little republican debate remix featuring the two in the title. 2.10.08

Attack and destruction of a snow fortress; downhill skiing and snowboarding with a couple falls. 3.13.08


Chimney Tops

Dark Woods




My good friend Katie gives a perspective concerning Man and his impact on the world. 01.10.08

A compilation of clips from our woods, our basement, and Trixieton, Ohio. 01.20.08


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