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Recent Works Including Chimney Tops, Dark Woods, Paul, Snow, Censory, B.I.A.A.T., The Brit, and GEB



Archive- (Pre-2008)

Recurring Theme Including the Organs films, the Statue films, and Beck audio clips
Comedic Films Including The Chase, Stupidity, Lyrical I-III, Nunn, Kitty, Pizza, and Twisted Words
Talent Films Including Levitation, Playing with Matches, Balancing, Air Eye, Quarters, Jump, and Playing with Knives
Horror Films Including Evil, Minds, Transformations, The Crematory, and Baby Echo
Other Films Including Goo, Pool Runnings, The Blasphemy Challenge, Bloopers, Fun with Water, and Culvert.
Dramatic Films Including Life, Michelle, and Flattop
IUGFS 2005 Including Yellowstone, Leaving Yellowstone, Mt. Doherty, Hogroast, Road to Glacier, Glacier, and Sturgis

Just after Halloween of 2003, I took an interest in making all started one day when I was bored, and decided to make a video journal. The journal, as you can imagine, was quite boring, and I started doing stupid things with the camera...then to ease my boredom, I decided to take the footage and digitize it with my TV tuner, and edit it around a little bit. The rest is history.

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