Recurring Themes

Two or more movies related to one another in some manner.

Beck Audio Clips







The day after I made "The Face of God?", I was still on a film obsession. I filmed some random footage earlier that day but couldn't figure out what to make it. Then I had the idea to make a music video for a very strange sound clip on Beck's little known album Stereopathetic Soulmanure. It was filmed and edited and finished in less than an hour. Enjoy. 11.13.03

The last video reminded me of just how fun making movies was, so I went out to my parents house and made this video on my day off. It stars Trad as "Scott". This part two of the trilogy of Beck's Stereopathetic clips, part three will come someday. 7.17.04





At last, I have finished the trilogy of beck audio clips, thanks to the help of several people. What will my next movie series be? 3.15.05


The Statue Films

The Face of God?


A Day in the Life




My first film, entitled "The Face of God?", includes a musical piece by Bach and some crazy camera work. It is strange, crude, and potentially offensive to those who are religious. Download at your own risk. 11.11.03


I have gotten tired of making music, so now whenever boredom ensues, I make movies. This film was improv, so it is a little stupid, but it kept me occupied for well over three hours, so it was worth it. Enjoy. 7.19.04


Statue Form



I actually received a request for another "statue" a few days ago, and whenever I woke up this morning, I had a song stuck in my head that gave me an idea for the movie, so here is what my brain gave birth to over a two hour period of time. Enjoy. 10.16.04


The Organs Films



Organs, Revisited




My friend Trad and I went hiking over Thanksgiving Break to some abandoned trailers and campers way back in my woods that we knew of. We brought the video camera to capture some interesting footage...little did we know that we would make a frightening discovery. All of the footage in this film is real, filmed on location in the hillbilly woods of Brown County. Note - *contains adult language and graphic footage.* Not for those who have weak stomachs. Enjoy! 12.5.03

The Organs video was a large success, but it left so many questions unanswered. Therefore, we had to go back and get more footage. This time Trad and I brought along our good friend Alex to be a witness. The truth behind the cloudy water is finally exposed, with some shocking results. Click Organs, Revisited to see what lies in the depths of the cooler of death. *contains graphic footage* 1.3.04


Organs Destroyed


Organs Complete





This movie has been meant to be made since organs first came out...I just finally got around to it. It is more like a documentary, and its nearly 18 minutes long, so if you are on a slow connection queue it up to download overnight. Thanks to Julie for hosting this monster of a file. Enjoy. 12.29.04



Just when I was sure that the footage was lost forever, it turned up. Here is the last remaining footage of the organs trailer along with two other trailers that we visited that day for your viewing enjoyment. This just gives you an insight into what life was like for the people who owned the organs cooler. Thanks to Andy for hosting. Enjoy. 1.19.05


*Update* - View the Organs site as of January 2007

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