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Playing With Matches




I have recently figured out how to channel my energy and levitate, and have decided to put a video of myself doing this for those who are skeptical. I am not as talented as David Blaine yet, nor do I think I will ever be, but at least I can levitate. Forgive the quality of the video, I filmed it by propping the camera on my counter. Enjoy. 11.13.03

Well, to reward myself for making it through a day with two exams and a seven hour lab, I made a movie rather than studying. This is the product of my fatigued mind. 12-03-04



Jump Teaser




So I have been fed up with school and stress and such, and what better thing to do than to make a movie...with only a little bit of bloodshed. 3.2.05

Filmed in Montana and Indiana, I display my compulsions to jump on occasion. 9.01.06

Air Eye


Air Eye II




To everyone who has ever thought that my head is hollow, you were right. Here is a movie to prove it. 3.15.05

I had a lot of disbelievers after AirEye1, so I made a 2nd for all of the skeptics. 10.01.06



Playing with Knives




Yes, Spring Break is here, and what better way to spend my time than to make another movie... 3.16.05

It is the weekend and instead of studying for my exam tomorrow I decided to make a movie to show off my new braids. 3.27.05


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