Men are better at racquetball than women.

To many, this would be considered a sexist statement. But without much effort, one must admit that in general it is true.

Think about it this way: The game of racquetball consists of two components. One is mental, while the other is physical. The mental aspect of racquetball play deals with knowing your opponents location at all times, and reading their position and knowing what shots they might try. This is a very important part of the game, and is what is developed over years of playing.

The physical part of the game deals with a players ability to reach the ball and successfully return it. With this, speed is one of the most important aspects. However, height, reach, jumping ability, and arm strength also are very important attributes. They all determine how well a player is able to return volley's.

So, what determines who is a better racquetball player? A combination of both physical and mental ability. Mental ability can be taught and learned, or just learned through experience. Regardless of how it is learned, the mere fact is that it is learned, and (ASSUMEDLY) can be learned equally well by both sexes.

As for the physical aspect of racquetball, however, learning will not improve one's game. Men are (statistically) taller than women. This also means that they have longer limbs, and therefore longer reach. They also are generally quicker runners, can jump higher, and are stronger. These are not sexist statements, but rather information extrapolated from the statistical data of the general human population. Testosterone, the naturally produced hormone in men, encourages a stronger and more physical body.

This isn't to say that there aren't women who have taken hormone injections to become more muscular, nor is it to say that there aren't women who can beat most men at racquetball. It is simply stating that in general (statistically), a man is more likely to win a racquetball match-up against a woman due to the superiority of his physical attributes. His bigger muscles and longer bones allow him to reach the ball quicker, from farther away, and hit the ball harder. Women can still win points, and even games, but this happens statistically less often because of the general physical makeup of the average woman.

Therefore, one can say that men are better at racquetball than women. Not ALL men are better than ALL women, but in general, men are better.